Train With A Purpose

1. Train with weights

  • Train on a consistent year round basis.
  • You must work on bar speed and mac force.
  • Chose fundamental core exercises like the squat, clean, deadlift and bench press.
  • Train supplemental/ assistance exercises hard [4 - 6 sets, 8 - 15 reps; super-setting is always effective].
  • Train with tremendous intensity.

2. Speed Train

  • Speed train consistently on a daily basis.
  • Work on the 6 fundamentals of speed training: specific power, over speed, flexibility, acceleration, technique and stride.
  • Incorporate plyometric at least twice per week.
  • Train hard, but smart.
  • Do all drills full speed, "you can't get fast by training slow".

3. Eat a high protein diet

  • Muscles grow because of a net increase in whole-body protein which is the difference between protein breakdown and protein buildup.
  • Timing of protein intake is very important; scientific evidence suggests we need more protein at specific intervals.
  • Research shows we need extra protein within 30 minutes after a workout when muscle synthesis might be at its highest.
  • You need more protein at bedtime to keep cortisol [a powerful hormone that breaks down muscle tissue] levels in check, growth hormone levels high and to provide enough amino acids through the eight hour fast we commonly call 'sleep'.
  • Minimum consume 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of body weight. Be consistent. Consume protein every few hours throughout the day. Start first thing in the morning and continue until the late night.
  • NOTE: use high powered multi-vitamin, vitamin C and vitamin E to aid in repair and recovery.

4. Eat Frequently

  • Eat between 4 - 7 spaced meals per day
  • Breakfast: "Gotta have it!"
  • Research has shown by eating smaller, more frequent meals, you will increase energy levels and control your appetite.

5. Use complex carbs (glycogen) and/or creatine for muscle gains

  • Complex Carbs (glycogen)  and Creatine will help you gain mass.
  • Complex Carbs (glycogen)  and Creatine will help with strength endurance.
  • Creatine is a 'cell-volumizer' which means it allows the muscles to hold more intracellular fluid and may promote protein synthesis and inhibit protein breakdown.

6. Seek the proper pain

  • Proper Intensity is very important aspect of transforming your physique.
  • If you don't damage muscle fibers in the proper way during your workouts, you won't create a stimulus for new muscle growth.
  • It's during the extra rep that "Mr. Pain" will introduce himself.
  • Make "Mr. Pain" your ally not your enemy.
  • Seek pain during your workouts; get comfortable with pain, enduring pain builds mental toughness, mental toughness develops attitude, attitude breeds confidence, and confidence brings success.
  • There's an old saying "Do as many reps as you can and then do 3 more".

7. Be consistent and take methodical approach to training

  • Follow closely to your program.
  • You must expose the muscle to a greater and greater workload within a structured plan, so they're forced to adapt by becoming stronger.
  • Chart your progression.
  • Make a positive gain each day, in all aspects.
  • Train with enthusiasm.

8. Gorge your body with protein and carbs after your training session, depending on your goals

  • Have a high protein, carb drink right after your training, 'the window of opportunity'.
  • A post workout drink will lower cortisol levels, increase glycogen levels and supply muscle with the protein they need to recover from damage you've incurred.

9. Change your training routine often

  • BTE Methods is a workout program where you don't do the same routine you did the previous weeks. Workouts change daily, weekly, in various exercises, sets, and routines so that you keep the body guessing, making it more difficult to reach a plateau.
  • Use variety in your workouts.
  • Rotate special core and supplemental exercises.

10. Rest

  • Minimum of eight hours of sleep a night.
  • Power nap 30 minutes a day.
  • Sleep to recoup, repair and grow.