The philosophy of BTE Methods is based on a precise, year round plan. Our program involves various activities and strength training plan which are based on the progressive overload principle. Athletes and individuals will improve in strength by slowly and periodically adding resistance to the body while constantly adding change to the routine. The body adapts to these stresses by becoming stronger.

          The focus of training is on multi-joint training involving a coordinated athletic acceleration path while learning how to create maximum summation of forces and utilizing multi-joint, ground based exercises performed with proper technique. This type of training requires a higher degree of speed and acceleration with a higher energy output thus enhancing neuro-muscular pathways in recruiting a high number of fast twitch fiber while increasing the concentration of ATP/PC within the muscle. By using full range multiple joint movements the body moves in one movement. This is the way the body is intended to move. Our training increases flexibility, prevents injuries and results in greater power output, as well as provides the most functional strengthening for fitness and sports.


  1. Enhance Fitness & Athletic performance

  2. Be more resilient to injury

  3. Speed & Endurance Development

  4. Strength Development

  5. Improve Self Confidence

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement
— W. Clement Stone