European football tryouts

European Football Tryouts was co-founded by BTE Methods, Sorie Bayouh, Joseph Lebeau and Soren in 2014, partnering with former Miami Dolphin Chris Chambers. EF-Tryouts is a recruiting Platform who runs camps in the U.S. to recruit athletes for teams in Europe. Tryouts will consist of combine based drills, individual and 7on7 . Players attending this camp will showcase their skills. Afterwards, the top players who make the 'hotlist' will be forwarded to all teams in Europe, and players will be actively promoted to coaches. 


European Football rules allow two American players (known as import players) on the field each play. However, teams can have an unlimited amount of import players on their roster. It is not always easy for coaches overseas to get access to qualified players in the U.S. Also, little knowledge about the players are available when coaches bring in players from abroad. Therefore, our goal is to build a bridge and connect U.S. players with European coaches. This experience allows participants the unique opportunity to be connected to coaches in Europe and showcase their talent.

stay tuned for 2019 European football tryout dates