This program is personalized fitness training. This is our most popular training method. This program is geared towards the everyday individual looking for a better looking physique and overall health & includes explosive aerobic movements with anaerobic strength exercises, focusing on making the body look how you want while working towards your goals. The trainings are 60-minutes in a group - like setting but the workout itself is personalized like a one-on-one personal training would be. The workouts are based on the goals that you are trying to accomplish with your body whether it be to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle. We begin all of our workouts with a quick dynamic warm up, following with the day's workout and finishing off with ab and core work. This class is for an adult of all ages, any fitness level, and will get you into the best shape of your life.

For women, programs are structured:

Monday: Hamstrings, Glutes & Abductors

Tuesday: Back, Chest & Triceps

Wednesday: Quadriceps, Glutes & Adductors

Thursday: Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps

Friday: Lower Body and Cardio

For men, programs are structured:

Monday: Chest, Triceps & Core

Tuesday: Quads & Plyometrics

Wednesday: Shoulders, Biceps and Agility

Thursday: Lower Body & Cardio

Friday: Back, Traps & Core

Playmakers Academy

This program is athletic performance based training. This periodic phase and G.P.P (General Physical Preparation) program is geared towards the middle school, high school, collegiate, and pro athlete looking to improve their speed, skill, strength, agility, power, quickness, explosiveness, plyometric and overall athletic performance. This is a progressive program, meaning each class builds upon the previous. Everything is done from weightlifting, cone drills to field work during the program. The different programs that are offered are Off-season, College Prep and Combine/ Pro Day preparation. The trainings are 75-minutes in team like settings where we encourage friendly competition amongst each other to help each other turn into true Playmakers. All workouts start off with a static and dynamic warm ups, followed by the day's workout and finishing off with core work. This class is for all levels - youth, high school, collegiate & pro.

Weekly regular trainings are structured:

Monday: Agility, Resisted Acceleration & Upper Body Strength

Tuesday: Speed, Explosion & Lower Body Strength

Wednesday: Mobility, Core, Stability & Balance

Thursday: Quickness, Starts & Upper Body Strength

Friday: Acceleration, Speed & Lower Body Strength


This program is boot camp based training. The workouts consist of High Intensity Intervals, includes explosive aerobic movements with anaerobic strength exercises, and geared towards the individual looking to shed pounds or maintain their current health level. The workouts are 30-minutes or 60-minutes, keeping a quick tempo and constantly moving with very little rest. Great for someone who’s just looking for a quick effective workout. This class is for an adult of all ages, any fitness level, and will get you into the best shape of your life.

programs are structured:

Monday: Lower Body 

Tuesday: Upper Body

Wednesday: Lower Body

Thursday: Upper Body

Friday: Full Body

* classes must be picked through mind body in order to attend. Click any of the ‘pick your class’ links above to see the schedule and pick your days.


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