Kevin Lopez


BTE Methods, Founder

European Football Tryouts, Co-Founder

Miami Heat Dancers, Assistant Trainer

Kevin Lopez first started getting into sports in 1996 when he began taking taekwondo at Florida Taekwondo College. Competing for 6 years receiving a first degree black while winning numerous of local and national competitions in Miami, Kentucky, Tennessee, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, including the 1999 Taekwondo Black Belt Championships. Upon finishing with Taekwondo, he starting to play organized flag football in Doral in 2002, where they invited him to join their tackle football team Doral Broncos for their first season ever. In the fall of 2004 he started his own flag football team called the ‘PLAYMAKERS’ which ended up evolving into 3 teams for 3 separate divisions with 45 athletes throughout the 8 years, winning 2 world championships, 3 national championships and 10 local championships. He started focusing more into tackle football when he played QB/WR/TE for the Tamiami Colts and became a stand out for the 2005 season. Moving to high school, playing QB/ WR for Miami Coral Park Senior JV in 2006, where he was a team mvp for the season, getting called up to Varsity after the JV season. 

Beginning of the 2007 summer Kevin participated in the UM Football Camp, following that he started training with Mike Osuna, where he learned the training it takes to become an elite athlete, before the 2007 season which would be his first season on varsity. During his 2007 season as a junior in Miami Coral Park Senior High he finished with 25 receptions for 650 yards becoming a top receiver in their district and receiving offers from Central Michigan, Wisconsin Lutheran and Iowa Wesleyan. During this season he was Coached by Head Coach Chris Vagotis (1983 UM Offensive Coordinator) and Wide Receiver Coach Fred Nixon (1980-82 Green Bay Packers). After the 2007 season, Kevin was invited to participate in the Offense and Defense skill camp. Due to uncontrollable situations and fall outs with new head coach Kevin did not play in 2008. Although not playing his senior year, in 2009 Kevin signed a full scholarship to Iowa Wesleyan University where he played slot/wide receiver with 17 receptions for 302 yards.  

  BTE Methods was born from the mind of Kevin Lopez back in 2007 after being mentored by Miami CrossFit mogul, Mike Osuna and realizing that his passion for fitness and sports was the career path he was meant for after learning so much and the success he received due to those trainings. In 2007 BTE was merely a thought, but after teaching high school athletes the knowledge he knew after coming back from Iowa, BTE Methods became a reality in 2013. Started off in July of 2013 with minimal equipment from the trunk of his car at the tropical park hill with an average of 5 clients per month. After a few months, he was contacted by one of the managers, at the time, of the Tropical Park Boxing Gym, that was driving by one day and offered him the opportunity to use their facility to conduct his trainings. This allowed BTE to grow, as well as give Kevin the opportunity to help the tropical park boxing gym grow by hosting fitness events at the gym and helping increase their knowledge for fitness training. Kevin knew that to make this company succeed he would have to be well rounded in the fitness realm, besides having an athletic background, and with that mindset he became accredited in Muscle Drive Weightlifting Levels 1 & 2, received a CPT (certified personal trainer) from the American College of Sports Medicine as well as a PES (performance enhancing specialist) from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  

  In the fall of 2014, Kevin had the opportunity to move BTE to the South Miami Gym on bird road, which is located inside the bird road Orange Theory. While at South Miami, BTE’s growth continued and he helped evolve the South Miami gym with their marketing. During his time at the South Miami he still kept in good ties with the Tropical Park Boxing Gym consistently doing workout events partnered with them. In 2015, Kevin met a trainer named Danny Coco and an investor, where they decided to open up their own gym. After, overseeing construction for 7 months, Iron Flex Gym opened in front of FIU. Kevin was part owner of Iron Flex Gym as well as handled managerial, marketing and operational duties. Gym closed down in the summer of 2017 due to high cost, and Kevin took BTE back to Tropical Park Boxing Gym, now known as Muhammad Ali Boxing Center, where he has been doing his BTE trainings since then. 

Through hard work, BTE has slowly risen to the top of the fitness game.  Kevin and his company have become a fitness destination for over 500 members since starting in 2013. BTE has had the privilege to train over 35 elite collegiate and pro football athletes; and the Tamiami Colts, Columbus High and Coral Gables Cavaliers through his Playmakers Academy. Kevin has trained under former Miami Dolphins Receiver Chris Chambers and Miami Dolphins Strength and Conditioning Assistant Coach Jim Arthur.  Since 2014 Kevin Lopez has been assisting Peter Marrero with the Miami Heat Dancers. In 2014, Kevin Lopez co-founded European Professional (American) Football Tryouts with two of his former athletes, Soria Bayouh and Joseph LeBeau, and he brought in former NFL athlete Chris Chambers as a partner. BTE has had the honor in organizing and hosting over 40 fitness workouts events for occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Special Holidays, Breast Cancer Awareness, Leukemia Awareness and Autism Awareness, with the partnership of Level Up Fitness and Big Boy Boxing that he brought in, at locations such as Tropical Park Boxing Stadium, Lincoln Beard Brewery, The Wharf Miami, Hyde South Beach Lounge and Veza Sur Brewing Co. 

Although our name has changed throughout the years from Elite Successment Fitness to Rise Above Training to BTE Methods, the mission has always been the same to give the clients the trainings that they deserve that are going to target the goals they have for themselves to continue a healthy lifestyle. BTE Methods is more than a business, it’s a movement for individuals and student - athletes, who aim to better themselves, be successful in their fitness endeavors and continue a healthy lifestyle. The purpose is simple; to enhance your fitness, athletics performance, strength and overall personal health, while bringing out the best within you.