Playmaker Speed

KEYS TO SPEED: Stride Length + Stride Frequency

Speed is the body's ability to go from point A to point B in the shortest time. Speed is critical component of a sport. Athletes must react to accelerate to maximum speed, change directions, decelerate, accelerate and maintain maximum speed. More sports consist of short explosive bursts lasting on average 5-10 seconds.

Phases of speed:

Starts (reaction): The ability to respond to certain stimulus and to get the body moving on the run.

Acceleration: The ability to reach maximum speed as fast as possible. 40% of maximum velocity is achieved in 5 yards, 75% is achieved in 1st 10 yards and 90% within 25-30 yards.

Maximum Speed: Maximum speed is achieved in 40-60 yards.

Speed Endurance: The ability to maintain true speed over a period of time, from beginning to end.

Training Variables That Affect Speed Improvement:

Strength: Improvement in strength will help improve force capability. Arm drill, knee drive and starts will all be improved.

Flexibility: Increases in flexibility will help to improve the stride length and help to prevent injuries.

Power : Increases in power will help develop the start and the acceleration.

Conditioning: Increases in anaerobic conditioning will help the speed endurance phase.

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