Playmaker Agility

          Agility can be defined as the body’s ability to change directions while maintaining good control without decreasing speed. Reaction time, awareness in space, balance, and coordination are all involved in agility training. All movement patterns such as forward running, backward running, lateral running and other movement drills as skipping, hopping, jumping, etc. are involved in agility training. Most sports are not a straight-line game. They are games of angles, acceleration, changing gears and reaction. Be sure to perform all movement drills in a good reactive athletic position.

Movement Drills

Carioca: Cross step laterally while swinging opposite arm in front of the body. Take big strides to get the hips loose.

Quick Shuffle: Moving laterally take short quick steps with both feet keeping apart.

Back Pedal: Chest over the toes, knees bent. Maintain good posture with knees bent. Drive arms while driving legs back. In agility training take smaller, quicker strides.

Line Touches: Running forward at 50-60%, drop hips and touch the line or ground every 3-5 yards, switching hands.

Decelerators: Run forward at 50-75% every 5 yards drops hips and buzz feet at the line for 2-3 seconds, then proceed to the next 5 yards increment.

Fast Feet: Bend at the waist with arms hanging down in front of body. Buzz feet as quick as possible while slowly moving forward. Buzz feet for 10 yards, then accelerate for 10 yards.

Lateral Run: Run laterally keeping shoulders square keeping focus on the target.

Tapioca: Same drill as carioca, but use short quick movements.

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